How To De-Stress And Sleep Better

1. Keep a diary

Buy a pretty journal and keep it on your bedside table. Write in it right before you go to sleep. This also helps you wind down, reflect on your life, and unplug from technology before you snooze (which helps you fall asleep faster!). Even if you jot down a few sentences a day, it helps you see your day in a positive perspective. TIP: Only write down the positives in your life. You want to look back and feel great about your accomplishments.

2. Take a bath

I recommend doing this right before you go to sleep. This helps unwind your mind and your muscles after a long day. I use a Eucalyptus Spearmint massage oil from Bath and Body Works, adding a cap full under the tap. It also makes my skin nice and hydrated. Sometimes, I opt for a bath salt, or a bubble bath.

2016-03-21 09.16.58 2.jpg

3. Unplug from social media

We are so often overwhelmed by all the social media and texts we receive every minute. If you feel stressed, try unplugging from some (or all!) outlets. I usually keep Instagram and Facebook around, and log out of all other sites. I also delete the other apps, so I’m less tempted to go on them. TIP: Once a year, try doing a complete week of internet detox. Tell your friends about your plan, and only use the world wide web and your phone for work purposes.

4. Bake something delicious

Baking used to make me very frustrated. Now, I learned that your results don’t even need to be perfect. I actually don’t usually even end up eating the baked goods (I don’t eat a lot of processed sugar). However, giving them away to friends and family makes me even happier.

5. Exercise

Walking for an hour before bed will make you sleep like a baby! Always try to incorporate some physical exercise, whether it’s simply stretching, yoga, walking, or a sweat-drenching workout. It also helps your digestive system, you skin, and your body in general to function better.



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