Rewind: Washington, DC Trip

iphone 025

Washington, DC is officially one of my favourite cities in the US. Possibly even my absolutely favourite. I was not expecting anything going into the trip, but I fell in love with it immediately. I was impressed by how clean the whole city was, and breath taken by the beauty of the landmarks.


The people there were also very well dressed, which really inspired me. I want to work in an environment that is as motivating as Washington was.

iphone 053

The trip took place during August 2015, which is why I look so tan in the pictures. I miss the summer so much! Hopefully, the upcoming summer will be filled with just as many adventures and trips as the last.


The architecture was unbelievable in the government buildings! We also visited many art museums, and a natural science museum. I usually don’t take a lot of pictures there, as I tend to focus more on my camera instead of the art when I try to document the visits.


Unfortunately, some of the buildings were under construction during our visit. That looked a bit awkward in pictures, but they turned out great none of the less!


Have you ever visited DC? How was your experience? Share in the comments down below!



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