How To Get Started in Modelling

So you want to be a model? Watched all the ANM seasons already? ๐Ÿ˜‰ You’ve come to the right place.

I started in the modelling agency when I was 15, but my career didn’t really kick off until I was 17. Here is what I did, and my tips.

1. Find an agency.

An agency will hook you up with the best clients and help you get started. It’s almost impossible to go without one, as they have the best contacts and networks in the industry that will get you ahead. An agency shouldn’t charge any fees for signing a contract! Watch out for scam agencies! They do, however, get a commission on paid jobs you book once you start working.

2. Take a course.

This step is pretty optional, in my opinion. My agency offered a several month-long course taking about runway, shoots, acting, and self-care. It was only once a week. I found it helpful in getting me started and knowing my basics. However, if you don’t want to invest the money, I think it would be possible to just learn as you go along in your career.

3. Work on your measurements.

*SIGH*. This is the “fun” part, where I get to talk about how the industry is very picky about sizes and measurements. The good news is, there are many different model types. Runway requires tall and slim figures,ย editorial is more lenient on height, and commercial is much more flexible in both aspects. On top of that, there are also plus-sized models, lingerie models, fitness models, face models, and many others. I will do a post later on measurements, fitness, and types of models.

4. Build your portfolio.

Modelling is a business. You must invest in it before earning back revenue. Your agency will recruit some great photographers that will take tests (shoots). A typical photographer charges $300-500 for 3-4 prints and the shoot. I will warn you, photography and modelling gets better with experience, so your first shots may not be as valuable in the long run. Once you have enough shots, your agency will also feature you on their website.

5. Go to castings.

YAY! Castings are what modelling auditions are called. You need to bring along your portfolio and you comp card (which is basically like your modelling business card. More on that later.

6. Build your media presence.

It’s important to let people know who you are. I prefer using Instagram, but I also maintain a professional Twitter account. Make sure to clear out your old junk, such as pictures you took when you were an awkward tween. Change your username from “123justinbieberfan” to your actual (or stage) name. You know, the usual.

*PHOTOCREDITS: Raymond Chow, VIA Facebook


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