A Day In My Life – January 4, 2016

Today was the first week back to university! Semester 2, here we go!


After my first classes, I headed to a resource centre where I was greeted by this friendly face!


I then had to run some errands around the university. First, I went to see my financial counsellor, and then to the bookstore to buy a brand new spankings textbook (worth a ridiculous amount of money).


For dinner, my friend Matt and I stopped by my favourite eatery in campus. I have been dreaming of getting a bagelwich all break. I got the veggie option on a jalapeño bagel.


Meanwhile, Matt got a delicious looking cinnamon raisin bagel.

The first week back is organized by classes, followed by an exciting event every night. Tonight we had a coffee house, filled with amazing performers.


I ended the night off by going through a car wash. Definitely the highlight of my day, because I’m 5.

What did you guys do this week?

Love you loads,
Xoxo Ginny


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