Academic Resolutions

My first semester at university flew by in a blink of an eye. With the second just starting up, here are my resolutions to doing better in school and advancing in my career.


1. Get to know my professors better.

This is very important, since friendly professors will be needed for writing reference letters to land a prefect internship or job.

2. Stay on top of all my readings.

Absolutely no excuses this semester. There is nothing worst than falling off the wagon and struggling with an overwhelming number of unread chapters the week of finals or midterms.

3. Make detailed reading notes for Sociology.

I know that I did not give Sociology enough of my attention last semester. This resulted in my bird course being one of my lowest (if not my lowest) marks. How sad is that? This semester, I will do my readings and not down important points from the textbook as soon as I do.

4. Stop shying away from extracurriculars.

It doesn’t have to even be a university club, just anything in general! Even try thinking of joining a brand or starting your own thing. Push, push, push!

Hope this semester is a good one for all currently in school!

Xoxo Ginny


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