Things Every High School Student Should Know

Currently being a senior, I have lived to tell the tale of high school. I wish I could take a time machine and let my thirteen year old self know that high school only lasts for four years, so no matter what you do, everything will turn out okay at the end. Here are some tips and tricks that I think everyone entering or attending high school should know.


1. Take risks

Entering high school, all I wanted to do was fit in. I don’t know if I can blame it all on our society, but so many movies (wrongfully) give off the message that school is filled with viscous bloodsucking peers who will (literally) throw you under a bus (Mean Girls reference, anyone?). Looking back, I would probably get over my fear of screwing up and run for a role in the student body. After all, you won’t see most people after the four years are up.

2. Start Planning Ahead

It may seem redundant, but thinking about what you want to do for university as early as freshman year is a good idea. You don’t want to be stuck the week before applications are due, playing “eerie, meenie, miney, mo” with your future.

3. Get Organized

Use a planner from day one. If you don’t get organized, you’ll lose track of deadlines and assignments in a blink of an eye. This especially applies to university and scholarship applications.

4. Get Involved

Personally, I am not a big fan of school extracurriculars, but that did not stop me from getting involved. I am on my school’s swim team, environmental club, cheerleading/dance team and a few others. Extracurriculars are essential for university applications, so don’t forget to put your books down for a few hours a week. Pick something that will really interest you and make you look forward to coming to school. Remember, getting involved can also give you the chance to get to know more people and be part of something big.

5. Don’t Miss Out On School Events

You only get one chance to be in high school, so don’t skip out on football games, school dances and trips. They’ll make great memories when you look back on your four years.




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